In the game of chess, there are three fundamental elements to how world-class champions play. Two of these, strategy and tactics, are grounded in the mechanics of the game itself. Solid chess players must have a firm understanding of the overarching ebb and flow of the game, coupled with the ability to seize every conceivable opportunity for positional advantage. The third element, psychology, is also vital, especially for top tier match play. 

Baking automation into your standard marketing workflows is a great way to cut down on redundancies, improve accuracies, and bring a renewed sense of speediness to your campaigns. But, when you’re looking to implement a marketing automation platform (MAP), it can be challenging to figure out which solution will work best for you. Today, we’re going to compare the two largest marketing automation platforms in the space — HubSpot and Pardot (by Salesforce). Before we

Light bulb to mean ideas to improve your B2B sales approach In the business scene many people pigeonhole others into roles they believe are best match with their personality. It is also a popular believe that specific types of skills are essential to be a salesman. For example having an creative bent is coveted to thrive as a marketer or even having

Using a charity lottery to improve fundraising efforts

In this modern age majority of charities and nonprofits still resort to traditional marketing methods such as direct mail which has a low ROI. However, with billions of people online, inbound marketing is a cheaper yet effective way to reach out to the right audience and a charity lottery or charity raffle is

B2B Marketing Research and Development

b2b manufacturing Marketing Manufacturing, technology companies understand the principles of R&D, from widget to Apps speak to the MD , CFO and CTO they all understand the value in have R&D budget, ask IBM, Microsoft, Sony and Phillips to name a few. They Spend money on staying ahead.  Now if I named Apple which a

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Image Of Sparks Depicts Inbound Marketing In Industrial Manufacturer Sector

Increase B2B Sales With Inbound Marketing

What’s it all about?

As you are doing business and have seen quite a few successful years till now, we can assume that you know your

A Woman Working In A Factory

  Image Shows The Inbound Methodology Manufacturing industry is one sector that is totally dependent on innovative technology, the lack of which can affect their business, increase production cost and slow down the manufacturing process. The advancement in technology has made the manufacturing process more efficient, making it easier for manufacturers to deliver orders on time and keep the production costs low

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Skyline of London shows B2b Outbound Marketing outreach A B2B Press Release is an essential means to promote your business. Unfortunately, the effectiveness has not been realised by smaller companies who may benefit a great deal by publishing a B2B press release. A press release is not necessarily always a big news story nor an announcement of an event. In fact it

B2b Outbound Marketing

Follow Up Your Commitments And Promises

There are two main reasons for the importance of following up:

  1. Networking only produces good results when it is followed up.
  2. Following up with contacts builds trust, reputation, and relationships.

Put negatively, to emphasise the points:

  1. Networkers who meet people and never follow up are wasting their time.
  2. Networkers who never follow

Which B2B Marketing Strategy is Best?

Image shows Converting Leads To Customers Through Inbound Marketing

B2B Inbound Marketing for Manufacturing companies, with its innovative, cost-effective tactics and popularity among masses, has successfully replaced outbound marketing in a very short period of time. Advertisers, manufacturers, retailers, small businesses, marketers from all industries are using various inbound marketing techniques to influence consumer behaviour, generate leads and convert them into sales. No matter what business you are in, whether you are a B2B or B2C, inbound marketing offers you a lot of space to market and promote yourself online using effective inbound marketing techniques.

If you are in the manufacturing sector, you many not be familiar with this new marketing field and it's power to influence customers. This article will tell you why you need to build your marketing strategy around inbound marketing. Below is a detailed demonstration of how inbound marketing can help you drive sales growth and generate revenue for your manufacturing business, while staying within your budget.

B2b sales and Marketing:Inbound vs outbound

Internet Research By Customers Extends to All Industries - Including Manufacturing

Today, consumers and clients research the product before they buy it. According to a recent study, 94% B2B buyers research products online in detail before they make a decision for purchase. Search Engine Optimization plays a very significant role when consumers search for your product. They can land on your page when it's visible on Google search results, which is only possible when you are putting up great content and using the right keywords on your website. Inbound marketing can enable your manufacturing business to be viewed by thousands of customers everyday through engaging content on your website, and also shared on various social media channels to get attention from new and prospective buyers as well.

Increase your b2b sales and leads with Inbound marketing

Engaging Content

It really doesn't matter which business you belong to, as long as you know how to make most of the inbound marketing techniques. With valuable and engaging content, you can achieve your marketing goals better than any other outbound marketing technique and with much less expenditure. Inbound marketing offers you better results not only attracting prospective buyers but also helping you build a relationship of trust and credibility through your interaction of your social media channels. Before developing a content plan, always make sure what your audience would prefer to read about you, your products and services. Always remember your best prospects are available online looking for better products every day, and they are actively engaged in social media waiting for manufacturers like you to attract and interest them.

Social Media Interaction

The main reason why manufacturing companies need to engage and interact with prospects on social media regularly is because majority of the manufacturing websites are not able to attract as many organic traffic to their website as needed. Being an effective inbound marketing component, social media posts enable manufacturers to share valuable data from their websites and present them via an infographic, which is easier to grasp by users belonging to all age groups. Sharing on social media allows manufacturing companies to capture leads and convert them into sales and turn them into delighted customers.

B2b Inbound Marketing

A committed inbound marketing strategy is far more effective than outbound marketing techniques for manufacturers. For more detail on how inbound marketing can help your manufacturing business, Download our Ebook on Inbound Marketing

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Business to Business Networking

Target Relevant Groups and Connections

Identify and target groups and connections which are relevant to your aims and capabilities. Relevance can be according to several different things, for example:

  • Geography
  • Size
  • Sector
  • Social grouping (e.g., ethnic, gender, age, seniority, etc)
  • Political or religious grouping
  • Trade or society grouping
  • Academic or technical grouping
  • Specifically organized networking/referrals

b2b lead generation - networking

Help Others – Give Before You Receive

Image Of London SkylineAlways prioritise helping and giving to others ahead of taking and receiving for yourself. You must give in order to receive. Be helpful to others and you will be helped in return. Networks of people are highly complex – often it is not possible to see exactly how and why

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Business To Business Networking Made Easy and Profitable

Welcome to part 1 of our 6 part series on  Business networking.  Business to business networking is a very important part of your marketing. All businesses small, medium and large all network. Trade shows are a perfect example of this. Even if the sales is not completed at the trade show it is great way of making contact and then

Global manufacturing sales

4 challenges facing the global manufacturing and Electronic Industries

Rules, Rules, Regulation and B2B Sales and Marketing

The manufacturing sector, like so many other sectors, is facing increasing regulation and compliance measures. Everything from disposal management and employee health and well-being is tied up in red

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thames-by-nightThere have been mixed reports on the progress of the manufacturing industry in the UK since September 2015. Contrary to the official figures of 0.9 percent growth, the industry has considerably observed a downward trend in it’s growth, that recorded only 0.4 percent growth in October last year. In Q1 of 2015, the manufacturing sector recorded over 31%