Inbound Marketing: Hubspot

What is Hubspot?
Hubspot is a company from Cambridge not UK but Massachusetts US, They have developed a Inbound marketing suite that is based around Content management. Their platform allows you to create and manage your, blogs, forms, landing pages and social media. Hubspot’s platform allow’s you Optimise your content to “Attract” prospects and convert them into leads. Using a marketing CRM gives you the ability to track and nurture. Hubspot reported total revenue of $115.9 million for the year (2014), representing a 49 percent increase compared to 2013.

Hubspot Pricing

Hubspot comes with 3 tiers Basic, Professional and Enterprise.When you are considering the perfect solution for your company there are questions that you need answered to proceed.



billed annually

Required Onboarding £420

An entry tool for those new to inbound marketing

100 Contacts

+ £70 per 1k extra



billed annually

Required Onboarding £2,100

An integrated solution for professional marketers

1,000 Contacts

+ £35 per 1k extra



billed annually

Required Onboarding £3,500

An advanced platform for marketing teams

10,000 Contacts

+ £7 per 1k extra

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Tier Price Breakdown  

Price Comparsion

Annual Billing 

Included Contacts

Additional Contacts Pricing (per month)

Subdomains Available

Email Send Limit (per month)



First 100 Free

£70 per 1,000 contacts


10x Contact Tier Limit





£35 per 1,000 contacts


10x Contact Tier Limit





£7 per 1,000 contacts


10x Contact Tier Limit


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Service Breakdown

All Packages 

SEO Tools (Keywords & Rankings)

Blog (CMS)

Landing Pages


Calls To Action

Social Media Tools (Sharing & Publishing)

Lead Management (Including Forms)

Hubspot CRM Analytics

Pro & Enterprise Only

Marketing Automation 

CRM Integration

Smart Calls-To-Action

Content management System 

If you wan to host your site completely with Hubspot.  

Fully responsive & easy to use Hubspot COS.

Basic: £70/month

Pro & Enterprise: £210/month

Big Differences Between Tiers:

Salesforce or another third party CRM and want to connect to Hubspot you must have Pro or Enterprise 

Lead nurturing

Marketing Automation 

Pro and Enterprise only

Enterprise level has predictive lead scoring

Basic level is for those looking for a lower entry product and budget savings

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Marketing Consultation