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The Secret Price Of Outbound Marketing

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Outbound Campaign

We charge by the session by the hour. One session is equal to 4 hours and runs between 9am and 1pm or 1pm and 5pm. The minimum amount of sessions you can Book is one. To see any reasonable results and what we suggest from our experience, is an initial booking of 2 sessions per week over an 8 week period, and then review.


A)Services: Consultative business development, consisting of, but not limited to market research, telephone marketing, written communications both electronic and printed, consultancy and advice. B) Monthly reviews with Floodlight’s business development director or campaign director.

Image shows B2B Tele Marketing Campaign
Typical Campaign Setup

Stage 1

An initial meeting to clearly identify the KPIs. · Input from Client and Floodlight accurate capturing campaign requirements. · Identifying prospects in associated sectors.

Stage 2

Script Development, communication protocols, account setup, training staff members to reflect messaging and ethos, test pitching and initial reporting.

Stage 3

Outbound campaign commences.

Scenario 1: Using existing Data

If we are using data provided by Client of approximately 1000 or less records, our initial campaign will be based on 4hrs per week, this scenario would run for 2 months before more records are needed.

Image of Books Depicts B2B Lead Generation Data

Scenario 2: Using Purchased  Data

If we use purchased data, with a record count of a 1000 + our initial campaign will be for 8 hours per week in the first, eight weeks of the campaign, then down to 4 hrs in the third month.


We will advise Client how many hours we will need on a month to month basis during the 1st phase of this 6 month project. If we have additional hours we will use them in the following month, this is the same if we need more hours we will make a requested with a 2 week notice period.

Campaign Setup

One Time Fee £1,300

Script Development, Caller Training and Preparation 


Purchased Data 

Cost not included 

Bonus Free Sales CRM

1 Session / Week

Total  4 Hours 

£55 / hour

Purchased Data 

Cost not included 



2 Sessions / Week

Total   8 Hours 

£50  / hour

Purchased Data 

Cost not included 



3 Sessions / Week

Total  12 Hours 

£45 / Hour

Purchased Data 

Cost not included 



4 Sessions / Week

Total  16 Hours 

£40 / Hour

Purchased Data 

Cost not included 


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How do I see feedback so I feel reassured everything is on track?

We use  Cloud based Storage to centralise our data. We give you Real time viewing access weekly to the worksheet and scripts associated with your campaign and our Free CRM. We also use the same method to store any case studies or information you want us to email prospects on your behalf. Any bookings are made on the Google calendar which will include you as a cc. In the same way you can block out areas and times when you are unavailable.

Outbound Marketing Consultation