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Floodlight is a team of experts in Outbound marketing and Inbound Marketing. We are a London based international agency. Our core skills are business development and marketing consultancy.
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Adding Value and Getting Results

As with all partnerships we aim to create business growth, drive Return On Investment (ROI) and increase revenue.

 What Is Your Best Outbound Marketing Solution ?

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We use targeted data from our in-house database, trusted data suppliers and Inbound generated sources, of firms in the sector you want us to develop business in, A creation of a script, and then contact prospects over an agreed number of sessions. Within this process we will provide them with targeted content, written overviews or case studies and then follow up to get your feet in the door ready to do business.

 What Kind Benefit

An office building for B2B Outbound Marketing Over the last few years we have found that there are certain verticals which work well with a targeted telemarketing campaign.

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Here is a non-exhaustive list of some:

Software providers
Website designers
Energy brokers
Production monitoring
Digital media
Document management
Business Management

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